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The Masala Story

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Siddhant Kapur

The Captain at the Helm


14 years ago, Siddhant Kapur came to Australia as a student at the prestigious University - Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide, where he completed his degree in Hospitality Management.


Coming from Mumbai - the city of dreams, he too had a dream of his own - to bring about his beautiful culture to this great nation in the form of traditional and authentic food, so that people could get to know about the wonderful and immaculate flavours of Indian cuisine.


Sid's passion for restaurants began at an early age while he was still in school. Upon coming to Australia in 2009, he helped in opening up a successful chain of Indian restaurants in Adelaide and ran them for five years. During these years, he gained a lot of appreciation from his guests and won numerous awards, including "The Best Manager Of The Year 2012 in South Australia."


Sid later went on to set up various hospitality businesses across the world. After successfully running them, he decided that it was time for his own venture.

With the opening of Masala Library by Sid, he wishes to take the culinary sciences of his roots to new heights.


And for all those wondering - "Why Cowra?"

We ask you - "Why Not?"

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